International theatre festivals to attend in Europe this year

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Nothing can compare to theatre. It is a unique and sacred experience that will touch you to the bottom of your heart every time you go.

You can slip into your pajamas and watch Netflix in your living room.

You, along with a hundred other people can stuff your face with popcorn at the cinema.

But there’s nothing as elevated and intimate as watching a play where actors are just mere meters away. Everything is personal. Every time it is a little bit different. Anything can happen at the theatre.

That is why we have prepared a list of several international theatre festivals across Europe for you to visit this year.

Holland Festival June-July, 2017

holland theatre

The Holland Festival has amazing history that started in 1947. Any year you are in for an astounding mix of performances from theatre and opera, to dance, literature, architecture and more. This annual festival is full of surprises.

THEALTER 21 July, 2017 to29 July, 2017 Hungary


THEALTER is a Hungarian threatre festival, celebrated since 1991. Over the years almost 200 theatre groups from 30 countries and tens of thousands of fans have visited the festival.

This year THEALTER offers a range of performances in theatre, dance, street theatre, visual theatre, meet ups, workshops and Q&As with attendees.

24:7 – TBD

A theatre festival was started in Manchester in 2002. In its structure, it’s a unique festival. During the selection process all scripts are anonymous, so the judges decisions are completely unbiased. And also, the plays are usually performed in a variety of places scattered across the city center, including pubs, clubs and hotels.

The schedule for this year has not been announced yet, so keep your eyes peeled.

he Edinburgh Festival Fringe – August

fire show

A street entertainer performs on Edinburgh’s Royal Mile during the city’s Festival Fringe on August 7, 2013 in Edinburgh, Scotland. (Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images)

The Fringe, a festival started in 1947, has a great backstory. Eight groups that were not allowed entry to the Edinburgh International Festival were not discouraged. Instead, they performed right there on the fringe.

Now, The Fringe has grown spectacularly and remains one of a few spots on earth where everyone is allowed to participate.

Tampereen Teatterikesa – August

If in the end of summer you will find yourself in or around Finland, make sure to visit the Tampere Theatre Festival. It is massive, it is historic and it is unforgettable. For example, this year a week-long festival will offer you 19 astounding performances from Finland, Sweden, UK, Belgium and beyond.

Zürcher Theater Spektakel

Theater Spektakel

Started in 1980 by a group of independent theater groups, the festival has grown to become one of the most recognizable names with thousands of people eagerly waiting for it to start every year. Approximately 20-day long Zürcher Theater Spektakel every year is held in the end of August at the ‘Landiwiese’, located right beside Lake Zurich.

So, it’s not only a memorable experience for any performance arts fans, but also a great destination for a last, open-air holiday experience of the summer.