How the Theater has changed My Life

How the Theater has changed My Life

Theater – many people think of the very big stages of the world, of exceptionally intense art and expressive performances. Everything is right, because theater has the ability to present emotions in a way that other art forms can not.

School was different

It all started differently, at school. In all the provisional performances in the lower classes, with little text but many strange moments – and always someone who rumschrie for wild reasons and laughed wildly. At that time the theater was a rather stupid and rather unpleasant thing for me, which luckily was quite easy to avoid, because more than one performance per school year was usually not in it. Most of my time I spent browsing the internet, playing games, especially online casinos. Instead of reading books or doing more interesting things, at that time I knew all the best UK casino sites and how to earn money online. In my later years, the performances were better, because also high-quality and adapted to my intellectual condition, but I have never really been able to win it for myself.


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Young Adult

It was only in my last teen years that I was so slow to get used to the theater, too. Although still at school, but slowly with higher demands, I took timidly at first theatrical plays and courses, in order to fall in love with the theme more. Since I could finally read and understand the texts in the original, it was much easier to get into the matter. So the enthusiasm for this kind of art came gradually.

Nowadays, I love to deal with the theater, even though I rarely have the opportunity to attack a piece. But often the excellent reviews in the large daily papers are enough to make a certain tingling sensation in the body and to bring me into the mood. Maybe I should really go back soon, because what makes the theater so versatile is its dynamic versatility. Here, young talents can often be seen as they take their first steps on the big stage and thus play full expression and dedication with the audience and captivate them. It is always said that theater is a higher form of playful culture than, for example, the cinema is capable of life. This I can sign just as well, because what I have seen in my life on the stage is far more remarkable than anything that can give me in movies.

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