The new era of festivals  

The new era of festivals  

Usually when people hear the word “festival” they imagine famous bands and singers surrounded by huge crowds of people. If we go a little bit more precise, it is most likely happening in some big field. However, nowadays the concept of festivals has changed a lot and sometimes they do not even involve music. The diversity of events is something that people can be proud of because there is something for everyone.

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Does the idea of many people gathering in one place for the same hobby sounds good for you? Then maybe one of these new festivals will appeal to you, and you will find your new passion.

For the lovers of colors

Holi festival in India and Nepal is something that people go to from all around the world to see. For those who have never heard of it, Holi is also sometimes called the festival of colors. People usually play with dry colored powder and water. After that they end up looking as colorful as possible. The main idea of this event is celebrating the victory of good over evil and the end of winter. This is something that people of all ages get involved and it is celebrated every year.

color festival

For the adventurous people

There was a huge poker festival in Estonia this summer. Poker and festival are words that people rarely see together in one sentence, but it was actually a big success! It took place at Olympic Park Casino and Hilton Tallinn Park hotel in August. More than 20 tournaments were scheduled for this festival and players from all around the world came to compete.

Teresa Nousiaineni was the main tournament director. She said that Tallinn is actually a very popular destination for Finnish poker players and people from other Scandinavian countries. Many poker professionals booked their places as soon as they heard that this event is happening. If such games sound interesting, but you do not have time to go an actual casino and practice, you can try pay by phone casino. This is the best way to try out games which later you could play together with professionals in one of the festivals for casino games.

For the rebels

Burning Man is one of those festivals which you should attend to truly understand, according to its participants. Every year around fifty thousand people come to one of the deserts of Nevada in the United States and celebrate the freedom of expression. The main idea is to burn a big wooden statue. Sounds simple, but it is the symbol of experiments, inclusion, radical expression. Thousands of people go to Burning Man because they are tired of their routines and want to feel free again.

festival statue

All these different events show that the word festival has evolved. Now there is an event for everyone’s taste. If you prefer the old-school music festivals, there is nothing wrong with that, but maybe it is time to start looking for something new?

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