Things you don’t know about the Burning Man Festival

Things you don’t know about the Burning Man Festival

As vile, vicious, and vandal as the festival sounds, ‘The Burning Man’ represents values which go well beyond its name.

It may sound weird why people in Nevada would leave the comfort of their urban homes to reform the Black Rock City for 8 days, burn the crafted wooden man, and celebrate this seemingly absurd festival.

This article aims to explore the celebration of the Burning Man Festival and the values it represents.

The Desert

What makes the desert an attractive spot for the 70,000 people to gather in annually ?

Burning Man Sex

The idea behind the festival is for people of all ages to escape the seeming ‘comfort’ of their homes and unite under the banner of citizens called ‘Burners’ of the temporary town they form.

The desert is the perfect place to do so because the people have to manage their own amenities, help each other out, and escape the modernized setup of cities which disallows them from appreciating what life truly is.

What about the Burning Man?

It has been said that people will not understand this gamble with ease of life unless they are a part of the festival.

Some say that the man represents the culture of today and how the people want to escape this enhanced and globalized structure, while others believe that people wish to take out their anger while seeing the man burn.

Burning Man 2

The truth of the festival is the celebration of freedom of expression, which the burners feel has been lost in the drive for making the world ‘welcoming and equal’.

The burning man on the Saturday of the first week of September represents a part of each of the celebrators of the festival and how they are being burned alive in the thrive to succeed, earn, and conquer.

This is also the reason why the people leave their jobs, homes, and step away from the city side casino tables to enjoy and work for making a temporary settlement with likeminded people.

Is that all?

The highlight of the festival is undoubtedly the burning man, but there is a lot else to the freedom of expression symbolized by the event.

For example, throughout the temporary settlement there will be sculptures and creative works lit up around which people will gather, dance, take pictures, and come alive.

Burning Man Dome

Games are also there. The 2017 edition of the festival, for example, has seen the corporate entrance of India’s largest gaming site – IndioCasinoMobile together with Casino Smash – that set up a huge pavillion where visitors got to enjoy an always on show and stations to play games through a satellite-generated network.

Music is also a vital part of the festival; among the nights there is one in which people will dress up in eccentric and unconventional dresses and dance their hearts out to music of all times.

The dancers will include people from all age groups, and the party will go on till the sun rises as people move back to their temporary homes again.

Each year the festival is marked by a theme, and preparations start around 8-10 months before the actual event. The themes are mostly connected to the difficulties of modern life, and the burning man is the peoples’ escape from them.

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